Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I am homeless and formless identity
I am a living soul, for perpetual entity
I am a breath of life,a part of existence
I blow throughout world for subsistence.

I glorify myself as a symbol of liberation
I carry the message of love and freedom
I am faith of wings ,for your destination
Fly above the sky, it is your ambition

I am creator of melody of human life
I travel through the surface of music
With the rhythmical flow of rhymes
Sound of love spreads through me.

I love any one else who lives in the earth
It is pure and platonic, not a skin love
I can feel everyone and anything else
But Alas ! I can not touch none of you

Who in the world , isn’t crazy of me ?
You all are free , to feel and love me
I am really ment for unconditional love
I dare to ask all of you – do you love me?

Leaves of tree whisper with my love
Meadows play with me swaying their wings
I entertain rain forest with howling sound
I do blow with perfumes of flowers
So that all of you can , inhale them

Women greet me with floating hair
Men welcome me with whistle of love
I do not make any discrimination
Between he and she, black and white



What a heavenly, unfathomable joy it is !
Feeling someone inside my womb.
A new entity, a new life, a new bud.
A part of me, an essence of my life. 
I am thrilled with unknown passion.
There is nothing precious than
The glory of being a mother is.
I enjoyed the melody of tiny heart beats
Until it comes to open world.
It is really compassionate
Experience of loving someone
More than myself.
Motherhood is more than divine love.
As it ensures eternal influence
Throughout our life.



A Jackal ,creature without vision of sight
Feels proud to roars Like Tiger .
A jackal roars like Tiger in his own compound .
He assured himself as Almighty 
In order to retain magical ability
To judge, justify and qualify
Fake achievements of his fellows.
He is not aware of nature of like he gets.
Vanity inside him , completely destroyed
His taste bud and sense of smell .
He can’t feel strong odour of
Mass approvals of his family members
Accompanied by prejudice and fear.
One day, he planned for
A parade, procession of his glory
Outside of boundary of his compound.
He profoundly led the rally of his members .
He perceived victory of heavenly glory.
After a half mile walk, with straight head
He turned back to notice
How long his glory of procession is !
He noticed no one is there ,only his shadow
To follow and support him….
An outcome of day dream ,reality of illusive glory
Reflection of mirage of infinite reality.
He realised Who he is then .


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