Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Heavenly shades of night is falling
It’s twilight time, stars are glittering 
Silvery moon is gleaming and glowing
Colours of the night is enchanting

Gazing in amazement across the horizon
Sparkling lights from a distance
Wonderful moment in solitude
Resonate my mind in quietude

Feel the soft wind whispering
In silence of the night is serenading
Cool breeze gives tender caressing
Inhale essence of air refreshing

The trees sway dancing, leaves rustling
Music of peace in the night playing
Divine songs sweetly echoes by nature
Furnish the mind with great splendour

Welcome colours of the night
Bring much mirth and delight
Life and love are made beautiful
Rendezvous of hearts are blissful.



You brought me back to life
Shown me that I am a butterfly 
Loving you has been a journey
A great transformation for me

You’re the reason I wake every morning
You make my life worth living
You heal and colour my world
Paint with colourful rainbows

Let’s waltz to the rhythm of music
Our love so divine and sweet
Nights are beautiful with your presence
To feel and smell your fragrance

You’re my lyrics, I’m your love song
A space fills with notes so strong
A place that reverberates in my heart
Where you occupy the biggest part

Embrace my soul with passion
Shower much love and affection
Our flames glowing in rhythm divine
In song for love so define.



Ocean apart, I’ve made up my mind
To fly above the mountain and the sky
Just to see you and hold you tight
I’ll not let you go, just let love take flight

Much times have wasted, I’ve waited
Finally things work out right, I’ve decided
To spend glorious moments with you
Would you care how I feel for you?

My love glows and flowing like a river
Blooming in my heart a beautiful flower
Shower of love, paradise unfolds
Moments of bliss, heaven unfurls

Lyrics we wrote, the song we’ll sing
Make our world everyday like spring
Dance to the melody of rhythm divine
Engulf our souls with passion sublime.


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