Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra



Meteoric precipitation
Life … a stream flows for its purification
Through widespread downwarps
In seaward slope , search for self perfection.

= = =

It overflows , at times diminished flow
Life dwindles away altogether
A ray of hope shows the door
In infinite essence to merge alone .

= = =

From source to the sea
With an irresistible urge to seek
Slowly flow through endless aeons
Leading towards peak of perfection .

= = =

Sacred waves roaring high
Treading along the path to rise
Time and again , here and now
In dark night , a solitary light seems to glow .

= = =

In deep silence life’s move
Union with supreme , eternal truth
In still moments of vibrant silence
Life reaches the depth of its essence.

= = =

@Rajashree Mohapatra 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet. 



I wished …

To be a giant tree

Stretching my branches free

Leaves singing new songs

Flowers giving big hugs .

= = = = =

But …

Unkind hands uprooted me

Planted in a pot he designed

Scissors , wires and ways to trim

A BONSAI his happiness brimmed .

= = = = =

Now …

Source of joy so a companion

Delicate portrayal , a true representation

Nature’s beauty so a celebration

Can you call me a God’s creation .

= = = = =

Children groom under your parenthood

Bliss them with insight profound

Be a gardener of God’s creation

Blissful lilies bloom in profusion .

= = = = =
Copyright @ Rajashree Mohapatra 
All Rights Reserved by Poet



Your silence

Scattered me

Oh my love

Gather me .

= = =

River seeks the sea

To breathe a heavenly life

Tireless is its flow

A great eternal goal .

= = =

A ray of hope

Glitter in eyes

The euphoric embrace rise high

A rhythm of desire surging tide .

= = =

Valley echos our song

Wind whispers with love

Flowers radiate their fragrance

All smile with elegance .

= = =

Now break your silence …

Around me passing breeze of stink , a hell

Where darkness and blindness revel

Help me conqueror the threats arising

A sincere pursuer of Devine Life .

= = =
Copyright @ Rajashree Mohapatra 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet. 


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