Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Honour Lies in Honest Toil Ever!

Doing interesting work in lifelong only gives one
Honour, pride, pleasure and satisfaction in the world;
That too doing it with truthfulness, sincerity, honesty, 
Devotion and dedication gives greatest joy and fulfilment!

Dissatisfied with economically beneficial job, many switch
Over to writing profession and also write poetry for great
Fulfilment and satisfaction misusing their position in the
Society or abusing their status to gain popularity sure..!

Poetic field is not like other professional occupation to
Conduct conference like meetings of such kind of poets now
And then to get popularity through newspapers and magazine
Advertisements so that they can make bucks out of their books!

Poetry is the legacy poets leave to the world for posterity
To know reality of the past to live better in the present
And realize their dreams in the future by their cherished
Ideas for human unity, peace, prosperity and progress ever!

Honour, recognition and awards to poets have to come naturally
To them but never through business like conference and all;
For that, poets’ works should be published in papers and also
All magazines to popularize significance of poetry to the public!


A Note on Money Business!

Political ideologies like capitalism and socialism are
Playing main roles in the international politics of world;
So, earning by any means with payment of tax makes business
Firms go on a competition with all everywhere in the world!

Nobody wants to pay too much tax due to losing interest in
Doing business and may lead to failure of becoming rich;
So, illegal business dealings bring black money into play
Helping them to deposit in foreign banks to evade tax net!

Without capturing new and more and more markets for business,
If a nation tries to extract needed revenue only by taxation,
How can people become rich and live fulfilling their dreams?
When the business goes down, how can they survive at old age?

Capitalism allows individuals to do business to become rich;
But socialism makes people to pay tax and live with less income!
Benefits and comforts are many in capitalist countries of world;
But comforts are cut in socialistic countries helping black money!


Development at the Cost of Resources is Harmful!

Human unity is possible only when their needs are satisfied;
Only when the differences due to economic and social causes
Are solved by education and employment, equality, friendliness,
Coexistence, unity and peace can prevail in human society sure!

Science and technology no doubt help much to solve long standing
Problems for quick disposal of people’s grievances and needs;
But uncontrolled utilization of natural resources with profit
Motive has destroyed agricultural lands and increased pollution!

Air and water pollution due to industries and too much vehicular
Traffics are endangering marine life and suffocating people sans
fresh air to breathe leading to a lot of diseases needing the
Attention of government on war-footing to bring normalcy earlier!

Development is needed, but that should not disturb Nature leading
To pollution and climate change causing natural disasters often!

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