Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Walk through the woods with me
It’s not often
that you walk through the woods with me
Crunching the twigs in glee
Hopping along the shady arbours
Stopping near the fragrant thicket
Jumping high to catch the sky
The tiny blue patch that peeped between the spruce and fir
You are busy now
Taking stock of the world and its mechanisms
Why do women wear revealing clothes
Who killed whom in which country
How come borders let in smugglers
And what do cougars have in common ?
Let’s take that walk again
Soon someday I hope
Where the scent of pine needles
Cocoons you from the hysterical pace you follow
Stop and breathe it in
This restful whiff of love.
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.12.2018
Is Swarg ,the happy hunting ground?
The Elysian Fields, the city of God, the Empyrean?
Is it the hereafter, Abraham’s bosom or Avalon?
Is it the islands of the blessed Valhalla, the celestial city?
Is Heaven a place beyond the sky? The afterlife for those rewarded with goodness?
Where flowers bloom in blissful euphoria? Where Lord Indra presides?
A breather for virtuous souls before reincarnation?
Six heavens above the earth, their beatitude increasing as you ascend?
Or is Heaven a state of existence, where rapture resides?
An experience of supreme happiness, a veritable seventh heaven
The elusive cloud nine that slips away slippery as an eel?
A Shangri -la to some or perhaps the Utopia of the soul?
The mysterious Nirvana? The state of bliss, a literary Arcadia?
A Jannat of our own minds? Where Hoors and Apsaras are not needed?
Where joy swims in an idyllic glow in the oceans of pure Shanti?
Narak on the other hand is Hades,
The burning pits of hell, a realm of suffering and evil
Perpetual fire beneath the earth where wicked thrash and scream
Purgatory, perdition and pandemonium in one
The netherworld, the abode of eternal damnation
Gehenna,Tartarus, Avernus, Acheron
The terrifying raging inferno scaring men into behaving!
Or does all Hell break loose sometimes?
When we might go to hell and back? An experience of great suffering?
An agony like no other? An abyss of horrors that invades our living world
The trauma of anguish that doesn’t let us sleep?
The cauldron of pain that knocks us senseless
Tormenting our souls with restlessness
A waking nightmare that knocks the socks off happiness?
A Hell that we carry in a shabby bundle on our heads
Marring our pretty foreheads with agitated frowns?
The hells of guilt, lies and deceit?
Hells of gigantic girths that never let us be! !
© 2017. Lily Swarn. All rights reserved.

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