HUMAN EXPERIENCE / Poem by Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo

Poem by Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo



In the magnificence of cosmos I delight,
and to its greatness and fairness I gladly bow.
It has just been a brief time since I saw the light,
but I can feel in my heart that I fully know
every particle of light at its highest bright,
as well as dark, and vacuum emanating flow.

Is condensated love the human experience,
the lower boundaries of that great light arriving,
across the matter sure is that Holy Essence,
inmerse in all we see and we think we’re touching.
Can be perceived that peace by hearing the silence,
or by enjoying glory once we are loving.

What’s the universe if not manifestation
of Divinity experiencing its greatness?
Therefore, humanity has no separation,
loving each other, exponentiating wellness.
No fear allowed anymore, but high vibration
and trusting Life by respecting all with kindness.

(c)Copyright 2018
Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo. Texas USA
(Image from the internet)

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