LIFE HAS NO CERTAINTY…. / Poem by Priyatosh DAS

Poem by Priyatosh DAS



I may die all on a sudden
In an instant,within a second,minute or hour
Can I say or you
When, where and how
the killer death will take us away.
Untold love and care for my family,for my sweetest son Poumit and for dearest better-half Mampi
For my brother,sister
kith and kin
Make me mediate upon and roll tear.

Oh! I can’t bear with the piercing pains of separation,
I can’t bid to them adieu and go away from them any where.

But I must go some day
I must bid adieu to this wondrous WORLD.
For DEATH IS THE ULTIMATE reality of life.
Separation is the eternal law of nature
Birth and death,creation and destruction are fixed phenomenon,
No one can escape from this eternal law.
When I will be no more here,
In the earthly bond
Will you recall me with unfathomable love and shed tear for my cause.
Will you say with admiration’The world lost a Poet,a noble philanthropist and a perfect human being
Or you will say with satirical tune
‘Good Bye stupid man,the worst human being.Bye for ever.’
I walk and walk on
Along the weary path(road ) of life.
Worldly thoughts,love for family and dream
Drive me to go ahead
And yet I feel loneliness
Engulf me,freezes brain cells,
I stand and tremble with utter dismay;
Oh! When I will DIE and bid you adieu
I cannot say,
Remember,we are the slave of destiny,
Life has no certainty.

N.B Copyright reserved.

One thought on “LIFE HAS NO CERTAINTY…. / Poem by Priyatosh DAS

  1. Awesome write my beloved brother, Priyatosh DAS, regarding the uncertainties of life. I like the flow of the words and impact of the message. They flow with much vivid vision and reality regarding real-life. However, we are able to leave footprints on the sands of time before our departure, for the upliftment of humanity in remembrance of our great thoughts, words, and deeds. We can build society instead of contributing to its demise. We can uplift others instead of being a part of their falling. We can be a light diminishing darkness instead of contributing to it proliferation. We can be the best fathers and husbands with inspirational guidance and blessing resulting in unconditional love instead of pain and grief. Our positive contributions are only limited by our thoughts and disbeliefs in creating and disseminating. Continue being the great advocate, motivator, and inspirational contributor you’re to humanity. Have an awesome day and may His peace, love, and grace, be always in your favor. Blessings always!!

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