Poems by Malaya Kumar Jati

Poems by Malaya Kumar Jati


The Untold Story of Love

The three words took a long span
in a doleful heart to shine like a sun
flooding the past,present and future
brought the lover only a gift of torture

love returns love as hatred brings hatred
but here the lover lived like a being dead
Not even a warm wind began to blow
to melt the ice freezing the words’ flow
Only like a waiting for Godot was made
yet the life of love lived in the words said


Keep on Marching

keep on marching my brother dear
ignoring what u have achieved so far
you have miles and miles to go
to show the world your real glow

You are an ever holy flame
you are a true literary gem
God has given you the spark
To keep on burning in the dark

persuing with no room of complacency
building your manson of proficiency
with a motto of creating a new trend
must be your destined means to an end

Face the storm opening your gate
Act and act with a heart for any fate
The brave march witn no steps back
The winners win for their soulful work

copyright@malaya kumar jati

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