Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



The night falls tame over the city …
Embrace me the darkness
In a stifling grip!

Outside the wind is heard
On a fierce dancing
Looking for happiness !

For the last time…
I kiss very slowly
Your hoarse, sweet and warm voice

Slowly ….
Staring my loving and expectant gaze
In your eyes

How I wanted to feel you ….
Not this excruciating wait!

A thousand hidden questions
I do not dare ask!

The tears rise stealthily …

I try as hard as I can
So that they do not fall

A rebellious tear
Leaned over and slipped.

Slippery floor without handrail …

Helpless fell on my mouth
It had the taste of disappointment!

Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Copyright reserved



God , my good father
What’s wrong with me?
Help me understand …
Pull my ears if you need to
Forgive me for always bothering you
With my ailments , with my tricks
But it’s only with you that I count
For more mistakes I make
You always forgive!
Your heart is full of kindness
And for all , omnipresent
Because you are my Father, I am fortunate
No matter what mistakes I make!
You never judge me or point your finger at me
Sometimes you give me a warning
Because you want me to be loved!
And I feel your love
Entering my docile heart!
God …
I don’t know why I’m afraid to love
It must be , because I suffered what I suffered
I always promise never to err again
Do everything right
But no, why ?Tell me!
And whenever I see love , walking towards me
I feel so happy , but step against it!
Why don’t I stay on the same path?
Why Father ? Tell me!
I made a big mistake , you know I did
I could undress my heart
Reveal what’s inside …
I don’t know , why I don’t do that
Just trusting , who wants to love me
But not…
I speak with three stones in my hand
Why ? Tell me !
I don’t know where I go picking them up
It’s certainly not in the heart
There, i only have love
My Lord I just want to be happy
Help me please !

Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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