Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee

Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee
Sometimes it’s better to walk alone
Somewhere somehow we are all alone !
You have to cross the milestones
Cause the journey is of your own .
The years ,decades gone by
Somehow you crossed it by and by
But have you ever thought
Beyond every good and odd ,
Life is about something true
Something about sweet lie !
To be together is a lifelong try .
To live a life alone
Forgetting what has gone
Never easy at all ,
But you have to be strong
You are the only to
Deal with right or wrong !
In a bright sunny day
All seems bright ,
But your shadow even leaves you
In a dead dark night .
Ask Me Not
Ask me not when and why
Touched me your sweet captivating lie ,
Perhaps my mind_wings
Were ready to fly
Higher than high
In the wide open sky !
Suddenly you cut the wings
I fell down
As if someone snatched
The queen’s crown !
In my life nothing
Has happened yet
What can be called great ,
But you were my effort best .
I will try again to rise
Time has taught me how to survive ,
Darkness is necessary
To feel the sublime sunrise .
Just you and me
Between us two cups of coffee.
Forgetting all thought tragic
Let’s create a moment of magic .
Let our fingers play
Let our heart dance
Let our eyes stare
At each other .
As if we are only two here
Nobody is there ,just your glance glare
The evening seems fair
Love is in the air. !
Someone is there
It gives me immense pleasure
When I feel, somehow somewhere, someone is there
For me, to look after.
He is God to me. He is my savior.
Someone is there for me,
Who knows who am I
And for me what is best
An another life is there beyond this life
For few decades I’m here just like a guest.
Whatever I do , I do share
He is the only whom I really care
His presence is always there
In my hearty prayer !

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