Ismayilova Mesme Aliyulla (Azerbaijan)

Ismayilova Mesme Aliyulla kizi.
I was born in Azerbaijan. I am Azerbaijani and live in Baku. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. High educated. I am 55 . Married and have two children: a boy and a girl. I work as a teacher at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.
Don’t break the heart….
life will end
You will sorry then
What is the meaning of a broken heart?
like without glossy sun
like a frozen star on the sky …
Don’t break the heart
life will freeze
like the bright blood in the vein…
Every wound has the remedy
except the broken heart
Anything which is broken…
There is equal in this world
besides the beating heart…
no equal in the life
let it beat….
Like a scattered star…
let shines on your life
let make you happy forever
Don’t break the heart….
I need breathing for living
You are my breath …
when you are near … far away
breath …. which is a heartbeat in my heart
You are my breath …
If you will far away from me
My breathing would stop…
My eyes will go blind….
My heart will stop beating…
You are my breath …
If you will far away from me….
world… gets dark
If you breathe … without me
my breath will strangled
You are my breath …
don’t disappear….. the talking beauty
Sweet talker…don’t disappear
don’t disappear …. I die
if you give breath ….I will live
You are my breath….
Life and we ….
Look…in this life
why were we born?
The life which we live
sometimes made laugh…
sometimes made weep
at the end made smile
The sweet life …which was living
hard living ….difficult life
Sometimes you see … that
imaginary gets …far away
to the steps …. which were in life
Looking back to my life
I see a day full of joy
I joined again…
to my happy days
I see that….. my joy in my life are…
these two sweet children….
So the reason is that
I’m in today’s life ….

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