Poems by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Jonathan Aquino

Poems by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Jonathan Aquino
Many times I’ve walked the streets,
and saw the plight of humanity;
I’ve seen the heroism of complete strangers,
and I’ve seen suffering, greed and depravity.
I have often seen innocent angels roaming the streets at night
Young vagabonds loitering dark alleys, scavengers searching for the light
Tattered clothes, soiled feet, with eyes that question their mere existence
Young bloods, lost souls in need of careful attention and sustenance.
I’ve seen children, in pure joy and innocence,
laughing and playing on the school yard,
but I’ve seen younger kids raised in violence,
I have seen them, in the streets, and behind bars
where no child should ever be.
Fragile bodies crossing the roads, stopping cars to beg for money
Abandoned by some ruthless families, in the dark they hide their agony,
Some abused, maltreated by society who should be the first to care
Fallen angels seeking for the truth behind their helpless state.
I heard the story of a boy,
a child who grew up in jail;
nobody knew his parents, not even him,
he had killed a man who almost killed him
and for that, his whole life he had paid.
Famish, greasy children pitifully sleeping on the cold pavement
It was not their choice to be born and suffer in such sad predicament
Oh, God lay down your mercy on them and let them have the taste of life they were deprived
These precious one whom You adore, let your Light guide them and help them survive.
The River’s Ebb and Flow
When I see a river …
I think of two rivers …
not Tigris and Euphrates ..
but one boat on two streams.
The water that flows freely
Symbolizes life that goes on continuously
Its beautiful ebb and flow
Caught up in circles but always brings a larger tomorrow.
I took a raft and tried to row
yet the raging waters beckons so,
but not to where I want to go
I’m on a ride, carried by the tides.
The rhythmic sound the river water makes
A melodramatic scene when a leaf falls from a fragile branch of a tree,
And is carried away by the running water as if escaping its reality
While way up above, the sky meets the charismatic shadow of my reflection.
I want to go not where the river is going,
there’s are places upstream I want to see,
and this is mammon’s lot, to keep struggling,
then, in a blinding moment, I had a epiphany.
At night time, the river may seem still and emotionless
But its tranquility echoes even in the darkness
As the stars in the moonlit sky bathes in their own images on the water
In the depths of deafening silence, the flow of time goes inevitably.
Just let go, a voice said, as if I heard that,
there is something telling me I know not what,
Let go of the oars, it said, and, perhaps I’m mad,
to hear a voice, and a fool to believe it is right.
The river teaches us the art of holding on and letting go,
But it also sends a subtle message of just going with the flow
For if we force our way against the strong current
We may stumble at the wrong direction and hurt ourselves in the end.
This river had seen all centuries past,
and will also see all the ages to come,
our lives is but a ripple in her surface,
and she will remain, forever, beyond time.
Love Is…
I’ve always thought love is a soft whisper,
Breathing into life when it beats for another
Like when you first called by name,
And it had never sounded the same again.
Love is the face that greets your morning,
the smile that takes you through the day,
love is the hope you feel when you’re suffering,
it is what make you glad to be here, now, today.
Love is the dream that came true by just thinking of you,
The sweet, gentle voice of yours that brings me to my knees
One that awakens the sleeping senses
And leaves you daydreaming and defenseless.
Love is like the clear and endless sky,
you can reach as high as you can soar,
it’s there, just waiting for you to fly,
because love is life, yet so much more.
Love can take you to new heights across the horizon,
When all else fails and your world is beginning to fade
Love heals the weary and helps to pick up the pieces again,
Love is not just a mere word, not just a strong feeling, not a promise to be broken.
Love is everything, it is the sea that you swim in,
that land that you tread on, the air you breathe in;
in this world we have our being, but our lives end,
like dew in a misty dawn, yet love, true love, lives on.
Love is a gift from the heavens brought over by the angels,
The ray of hope that shines over an overcast sky above
Love is divine seen through rose-colored glasses,
And will bring forth peace and unity in a world of chaos.
The spirit of love knows no boundary,
the essence of love is the fount of wisdom,
love is infinity, and love is eternity,
and love is the source of all of creation.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo/Jonathan Aquino Copyright February

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