Poems by Jalal Khoasravi

Jalal Khoasravi

Jalal Khosravi is an Iranian poet, researcher, philosophical thinker and the founder of Jenzaar, an online  Journal of Persian Literature and Thoughts. Khosravi is the author of two poetry collections including “With a Belief as Heavy as a Bullet” published by Moalef Publications in 1980 and “When Do You Have Time to Mingle with Each Other” published by Negah Publications in 2002.  Khosravi’s literary works has appeared in numerous literary magazines and journals in Persian, English and Portuguese in Iran and wider globe.
As an educator, Jalal Khosravi teaches literature and philosophy to a new generation of Iranian authors at cultural centers and institutes and publishes theoretical foundations of Iran’s diverse and leading literature. Khosravi sees different literature as a possibility for cultural and societal change.

With this sunset
Sitting next to you
Having dinner
And willing to sleep
In your dreams
With you
Talk to me
Till the paths of green (hazel eye) open
And I return
From nameless fears
And of fears with no address
Of thoughts
And of time
To stop the firing squads
And to avoid chaotic borders
Disordered borders
The heavy weight of the bitterest cries on my tongue
Made my hair gone grey
Smelling like Auschwitz
A resident in being resort
Now talk
And look at me
Till I’m back again
To walk
Your Foothills
With a pair of sport shoes you wore
Till the stair way of you
Until you
Until God
That had slept on your nipples
Where I go to sleep
These days that you are gone
God is also gone
I know you took God to Shiraz with you
Sure he followed you
To take care of your affairs
Never let you catch cold in rainy days
As you know
Your laughter has remained in me only
Your voice
Your hands
And your kisses
You are here
Come back
And never go anywhere again.
Translated to English by Hassan Basiri

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