PORCELAIN DOLL / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



You left
one evening in August
the rays of the moon
tinged with clear reflections
your long dark hair
while from afar
my gaze followed
your lithe and familiar gait
fluttered in the light puffs of the wind
your thin dress

You never looked back
your slow but sure pace
towards your tomorrow
and I already felt nostalgia
of your black eyes
pearls of distant and unknown seas
of our nights of love
full of vanished promises
in the sweet air
of a summer evening

Maybe I’ll wonder
over time
whether you ever really loved me
why you wanted to be with me
just for a short stretch of your life
to leave me indifferent
to my loneliness

Shall I ever understand your silences

Beautiful as a porcelain doll
far and cold in front of
the fire that burned me inside
that you wanted to stifle
without a word
turning your back
on the rise of new dawns together
and like a shadow fade away

By Maria Miraglia
Aug. 2018

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