Abol Qasem Irani

Abol Qasem Irani
Abol Qasem Irani is an Iranian poet from Bushehr in the south of Iran. Irani has a vast contribution to Iranian contemporary literature and journalism in his 50 years of literary activism. The prominent Iranian feminist poet Simin Behbahani believed that getting familiar with Irani’s poetry is an urgent need for the new generation of Iranian authors and poets and also for the future generation of writers because Irani’s poetry represents an era that will no longer be available to them in the future. Behbahani also has described Abol Qasem Irani as a self-isolating and humble poet who has given birth to unique and rare poems.
Poems by Abol Qasem Irani
(With a short introduction by Simin Behbahani)
This gazelle must have a name
This desert
This valley
This city…
Your chignon even
To let the sun know
Where it’s shining
A woman
In the rain
A woman
Holding an umbrella
An umbrella
Full of rain
The night is on its way
You’ll be scared
When it’s as vast as the world
You close the windows
And sleep…
And when you comb off the rest of night
From your hair
In the morning
You look at me
Smoking cigarettes after cigarettes
And find me old
Translated to English by Nasim Basiri

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