Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
A Pattern
Not a leaf flutters to the ground
Not a sound escapes from a throat
Not an emotion rumbles in a chest
Not a symphony flowers in a meadow
Not a crow caws on the tree top
Not a heart beats for a loved one
Not a water drop becomes an icicle
Not a valiant man braves a bullet
Not a sigh escapes from a
Not a caterpillar becomes a butterfly
Not a coal ever becomes a diamond
Without a word from the Omnipotent !
Copyright Lily Swarn 3.1.2018.
That evening
Glow worms suspended over
the Intoxicated “motia “shrub
The queen of night ( raat ki raani)
Strutting her stuff on monsoon clouds
Sailing into the velvety darkness
Full of passionate secrets
A tapestry of Victorian weaves
Embossed on her heart
Chintz and lace spilling out of her
Dream laden eyes
The moon coy as a hill bride
Cocooned in layers of vermillion silk
Dusk dripping out of her blushing cheeks
Till her beloved whisks her away on
The midnight black stallion
(Motia is an Arabian jasmine flower)
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.2.2017
Chewable memories
Chewable memories
that grind to a paste
Like the cud chewed down
by ruminating cows on verdant hills
The taste of a whispered love song
crooned in ecstasy
The whiff of a heartache
flapping in pathos
The glazed look of rainbow coloured dreams Drowned in the Kanjeevaram silk of her oceanic eyes
The flowing cake -batter consistency
Of her breathless confessions of timorous calf love
Shimmering and silvery , reminiscent of full moon nights in the balmy oriental summers
Basking in the perfumed bliss of sandalwood incense sticks
The cascading tresses adorned with “mogra” blossoms
Casting hypnotic spells on the unsuspecting adoring ,puppy eyed masses
Ah! The joyful pain of the ‘fresh as dawn’
Demure bashful youth !
Give me a minute , will you ,
As I wipe my mist covered eyes?
(Oriental summers)
Copyright Lily Swarn4.10.2015

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