A Dialogue With Tsunami / Poem by Ayub Khawar

Poem by Ayub Khawar
A Dialogue With Tsunami
What have you gained?
A lot of stuff cannot come back,
What will you do with the plundered
Junk now you have in your lap?
Do you know?
It is all dead that you have got in hand
And what is dead is in fact a load,
For the earth and water,
It is a load of bodiless ages,
Coffin-less dreams, damaged desires,
And sewn lips of unstitched vows.
What will you do with these all?
You dwell in murkiness of the oceans,volcanoes and earthquakes.
You are empty handed,
Those houses, lanes, lawns and crosses
You trampled,again have begun to breathe.
Whatever you have done is very common.
Hide and seek between mankind and nature is
Since beginning.
Just see for a while,
Remove away,
The juddering clumsy locks of the curvaceous
Waves from your forehead,
If you see hard you will find,
The crease of your forehead more meaningless,
Than the diminishing crease
On the forehead of humanity.
We have stood and gathered cadavers of our children,
Mothers, sisters, brothers, and fathers
See hither for a while,
We have again assembled the shards
Of broken boats,houses,lanes,lawns and lands
And revived the lap of coastal line.
Now our sails,houses,lawns and lanes stand up on the very spot,
Where you surged up like a doom,
Binding the anklets of whirlpools on the feet,
Sprouting the wild foam of horror,
Wrapped in the terror of high tides like peaks of Himalayas.
You rose up from murkiness of the oceans and volcanoes
And came trampling to the cities, towns,villages and seashore.
So what?
What have you earned?
You have gained nothing in your hands.
Look at the sight around us,
Life is surging from the waves.
All former sights have redeemed.
Perhaps you don’t understand,
That mankind breeds sorrows with tears,
And cultivates flowers from the dust of his own body.
We stand determined in front of your eyes,
To grow the flowers of future
In those villages, towns and cities
That you have diminished.

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