Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


Symphony of delights

The city is veiled with smoky grey
Stillness in a pause that scares
Time stopped moving
Moments stand still in the air
Waves of the Nile scrolled noiseless…
Life suspended…colorless and bare…

Loneliness flow like blind birds
Sipping my bitterness in deadly peace
Roaming with clouds into distance
Clime defyingly agree
Devoured by your absence

How could you take the dreams of angels
How could you silence the living breeze…

Get the rainbow back into sight
Let the loving rain drizzle on deserted hearts
Let me hear the waves flirting with lonely sand
And the moon shows in her silvery gown
Playing temptuously her Symphony of delights..

Nothing will exist but me and you
And the singing nightingales celebrating. The warming night.


Hope for the coming year

The night has fallen, the moon is dead
Winter has stolen ,soul and heart
Dreams fading, like this year that ends
Unknown song , softly echoing in mind….

Will hopes surprise me, and enlighten my days
Will butterflies return,craving my flower’s nectar
And fields of peace, bloom sheerful and gay
And my needs of love..be full filled near or far…



3 thoughts on “Poems by Hana Shishiny

  1. Everything will excelent…even night has fallen…moon is dead…..but your looks…your smile will always shine…..Dear poetessa… congrats…..my best regarfs Hana…

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