The times colour / Poem by Ruma Hazarika

Poem by Ruma Hazarika
The times colour
Time manifests so many colours
Although I hugged white , all through my life ,
which you called its a colour of dream catchers
The other side of my mind is red , you imagine it like a colour of magic
But unknowingly i wear orange
And I really enjoy life’s balance
As I look very purple , through others eyes
Though I’m not really associated with any regal
Actually my heart is full of yellow
With warmth of pink tints
Which I have been blessed with when I was born
Yes , My fragile fervour love to luxe
the evening vanity of , power colour black
Which always Stands tall in hall of fame
Surprisingly it designates prestige and pride
Sometimes black becomes the Colours of
mourn, the expression of griefs
Some are Shading tears underneath
expensive black shades,
oh! It’s all classy things
The blue blood wouldn’t reveal their weakness to the world
They just bury their grief
Inside them, all alone
Sometimes you try to malign
The purity of white, in the name of culture
Those weak widows, are bound to wear it forcefully
And you saying, she should live such a sati
like life (saintly life) traditionally
The white dressed green eyed saints
Are always caught red handedly
Oh! How time shows it’s colours
And simultaneously portrait our life’s blank canvas!

2 thoughts on “The times colour / Poem by Ruma Hazarika

  1. Many thanks to editors for publishing my poem in this wonderful literary blog, this is encouraging and I’m really humbled and honoured 🙏

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