THE WIND THAT CAME ONE DAY / Poem by Juan Antonio Vazquez Delgadillo

Author: Juan Antonio V. Delgadillo
Texas USA
Traduction of the original version in spanish “EL VIENTO QUE VINO”, a dodecasyllabic rhymed poem included on the images.



You, beautiful boat of the eternal gratitude,
that one day arrived at the port of my consciousness,
It was just a matter of understanding the precision
of the winds that once I saw as an inclemence,
lining up my sextants acording
to the directions and currents of excellence.

Miles back I imposed my oars like a warrior,
foolishly fighting against my storms.
It was never necessary to arrive first,
but to focus myself and enjoy my present waves,
because my oars I was damaging, and my boat
cracking, and I…blindly wasn’t realizing it.

Stunned by the sounds of the fleets
that were competing to arrive to mirage island,
I was courageously my sails overusing,
and heading myself, together with them, towards an abyss
where the boats, once arriving there, got lost,
and, their natural course was no longer the same.

Just on time I discerned the vile deception
and my oars I calmly rested, not competing at all anymore.
Who would say that once I did that, from heaven came
that wind that today directs all my sailing.
Now, I know I’m not a boat, I’m my route,
and my whole planet with all seas included!

Copyright Copyright 2018
Juan Antonio Vazquez Delgadillo. Texas USA
(boat image from the internet)


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