SHE LIVES IN ME / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan


Poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan



When the whole world was rejoicing to welcome new year 2017 with glittering lights, darkness descended as the leading light in Nutan’s life was extinguished by the will of God as her mother left for heavenly abode. This collaborative poem composed by Nutan Sarawagii and K.Radhakrishnan is in memory of Nutan’s mother.



As the new year dims
New lights begin
Drowning us
In hopes of tomorrow
Leaving sorrow within

My mother you bring me in yesterday’s tomorrow
My new year to ring
When I was born to you on Holi,
Our new year
That year when the nurses left me in color to play
Dirty as I lay
Unwashed astray
Unwanted waiting to go away
But they ushered me in
In hopes to bring daddy and you together
To once again with me a new life begin

Holding them to me, don’t ever leave me
For in me that promised ring you gave one another
Binding you in loves string

The loose end that ties you together
To once again cling
In hopes of that love that was once yours
Now in you with me in
In a love so strong that was meant for me
In you
Binding a tiding
A tidal wave that sweeps you back in
A backlash saying don’t go away
In you I live
Long lost
At last within



The rose petals have lost their scent,
An angel left for heaven leaving us to lament,
If this is all what life meant,
It is meaningless in its content.

The dove flew away never to return,
When the world was rejoicing in yearend fun,
But she can never be far away,
She will forever live in Nutan’s heart to stay.



My mother will never die
She was the apple of my eye
In her I lived to see the light of the day
In her to never go away
As every night she comes to me
Loving me the same way
Mother you still live in me
With me in it to say
I love you till my death
In you to never go away
Love me the way you always did
With me night and day
Never breaking your vow to me
Until I die till my deaths day
Never to go away



In Nutan’s heart mom’s memory lingers,
Always true, fond and tender,
She was loving and kind in her ways,
Affectionate till the end of her days

Two years have passed since that sad day,
Nutan’s loved mom was called away,
But in hearts she liveth still,
Though God took her to heaven as was His will.

She was a wonderful mom, so loving and kind,
One who was better God never made,
The world may change from year to year,
Remembrance of her surely brings out tears.



But then one day
She broke my heart
In her to leave me broken not her part
As she left me crying away
To leave me alone I still wait for that day
For her to return
To tell me why did she go away
Never to come back to me
Was this her way
To show me the day
When I will live without her
Away from me
No more to be in her way
Forever go away

Please come back to me
In me with you to stay
To tell the world
That I was always a part of you
In you that I have come to stay
Love me more than me
The day when you left me
In that day forever with me to stay
Never go away



Mom’s love taught Nutan what New year time is for,
She will remember until she meet her mom once more.
Every day since she had to go,
Is like a summer without sunshine and winter without snow.

Life has changed so very much since she went away.
If Nutan could talk to her, there’s so much she would say.
Nutan always feels her close though she is far from sight,
She will search for mom among the stars on year end night



Yes, she’s my light,
The dawn of life,
That wakes up in me
And puts me to sleep,
Waiting for me every night

As I lay awake in that night , in tears that never fell
In eyes lit so bright , that still wait to yell
Wait for me for I am your bell
Ring me whenever you feel unwell
I will lift you up from your hell
As that lone tears falls in her to call
Don’t go I wait for you
Don’t you dare fall
Do you hear my call !
On my eyelid as it waits
Ready to make
That last desperate bid
As in her it lies awake

Don’t break

I will meet you
At her gate
Where God
Waits for me
To meet her
In my haste
As I run finally
To her
Life take me away
In her to wake
Don’t wait

In eyes lit in her tears
To never fall
To wake up to her call
As every night

I hear her call
Come to me don’t wait
For you
I just wait

Copyright- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan

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