The Beauty of Silence / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


The Beauty of Silence

We are wandering souls
around the universe
in the company of angels.

We cannot identify ourselves
in the noise pollution and restlessness,
as we are friends of peace and silence.

I feel we are like nature
creepers, plants, trees,
grass, flowers, fruits
and all grow in silence.

And see the stars,
the moon and the sun,
how they move in silence.

We need silence to
touch our souls mutually.
Let us pass through
the silence valley
where we could enjoy
the melody of dew drops
falling on the grass blades.

We could hear
the budding of soft petals
in the fragrant flowers.

We could glance the beauty of silence when polengrains emanate honey.
Let us enjoy the fauna and flora of the wonderful nature in silence.

©Dr Ezhil Vendhan, 2019.

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