Poems by Balika Sengupta

Poems by Balika Sengupta
A lonely guest
Oh, Such a heavy price for freedom.
Sitting beside the lake of tears
Heartrendering, heartpouring, showers of pain
Walking alone on the pathways of life’s lane,
O my tears, why? , why you remind me of my past?
Laying in my bed alone, with accompanying darkness around me,
These bloodshot eyes are the witness, Of those naked truths, never lies,
O my heart, reflect the feelings,Why with freedom denied?
Those wiped tears, left the life empty
Those miserable emotions with pain and agony,
Ohh , So pity.
Slowly and gradually, my dying soul, is searching its sanctity
My angelic aura, lost its elegant grace,
The Queen in me lost kingdom of faith and trust and her dynasty.
The strong girl in me, is now tired of hiding her wounds.
“Her hurts,” is finally breaking down
The nutshell of her happiness
O God, please tell, is the only path left for me?
Baring my own sadness?
Why so misunderstood, my feelings
And emotions, why this rudeness?
My never ever, healing heart is missing,
To taste once again, its sweetness.
Leave me, leave me alone, minding my own business…..
Thousands of tears, my eyes consumed
And thus hopeless blood, I only taste.
At last, Alash, let me not waste my time,
Let me, stay in peace, rest in peace, rest.
Aah, the world drama, here in this eternal temporariness of inn,
I am a traveller, a lonely guest.
All rights reserved with Balika Sengupta
24 – 12 – 2018
**Ohh, no.. Never…***
Ohh no, no no never
Ever again I will trust on you,
Ahh, my heart is broken
Broken finally..
And now, I will always trust
my broken heart
I will always love my
broken heart…
Not to convert into desert
Will water it, heal it, not to conceal
From it….
All the experiences and records
Gone those age and days
Please, For peace only peace
Now my heart prays…..
And on you, my happiness, not lays
Yes, I can revive and rejuvenate
In many ways…..
But always encourage
To bond with soulful chords
And learn to remain with you
O lord….
Yess, I love you my heart..
O God, let me give
The strength…
Let me, bestow the power… to my heart
To start beating again
With its melodious symphony
Please Forget.. “dear heart”
All those pain and agony
O dear heart, feel my soulful touch
Be heart touching
Once again, enjoy life with me
Let’s dance and sing
Remove all those bangles and rings
Which chained you for several years
Now,walk alone, don’t wait
Otherwise it will be too late
Remove those stagnant water
For fresh air, open all windows and gate
Unchain those beliefs, feel it as relief
Flow, glow, blow, fly high
You were, you are, you will be always capable
Oh dear, move ahead, why to shy
Be cool, chill, relax and sigh
If no respect, then what to tolelate
Consistently torcher and violence, why
Tell me, why dear, why
Tolerating sins for long time
Is itself a sin
Yes, don’t think I am deity
Let me be little bitter,
Always sweety and preety
Let my pen speak and shout
For its journey, powerful and mighty
Yes, be with me always, O Almighty
Let me remain a human being
Now, don’t care for all those fears
I am once again with you, O life dear
To enjoy the world drama
Let me nourish myself,
Flourish, cherish and cheers
Promise, it’s my promise, no more tears
Promise, it’s my promise, no more tears…
Sweetness and smiling face will be the pioneers…
Yes,peace love harmony are destination estimmed..
start with you once again,aah I dare to be deemed….
All rights reserved with Balika Sengupta
25 – 11-2018

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