Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I am afraid
The crisp, biting wind
gusts violently toward me..
I am afraid
where are you?
I believe…
I believe I am strong
I believe I am beautiful
I believe I am sweet
I believe I am perfect.
I believe I am tender
I believe I am charming
Someone tell me it’s possible.
I am alone.
days are nightmares
but,I love you
no matter
what is love ?
hot chocolate
with whipped cream.
I feeling
my heart ice cold
I feeling so alone
love how can exist?
Dear friend
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend
Your inner beauty
More beautiful than the stars
Dear friend
How precious you are?
Your name
Dedicated my sweet Romanian friend Vasile
V-is for vigorous,you inspire others
A-is for angelic,you have a kind heart
S-is for sincere,a worthy friend
I-is for independent,you find your own way
L-is for lovable,a soul of gold
E-is for elegant of refines style
VASILE you are special!
Love is blind
To be honest
i don’t know why
you are my pain
i can’t feel my heart and soul
love is blind.

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