PLEASURE feels TODAY (Romantic Bohemian) / Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu


Romantic Bohemian

… when nature spills it’s magic
I do embrace the gentle world
feel the innocence of the female creature
what a pleasure
at this very moment
I sat on the rock of life
the throne of the silence of the soul
light, angel stream, spirit drop
I decided to love ahead of tradition
while her face
more than deeply entered my heart
beauty that awakens
reviving senses
the gazelle
virgin body
blue eyes
nectar for my sensitivity
but no, no
something precious is hidden behind the silky curtain
character, spiritual warmth
the proximity that gives birth again to love
wisdom of nature is invites
two adventurers in the soul
to soften the cruelty
directed I am as well
yes, this blessed day
towards the path of love, brotherhood, blessed friendship …

Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Poetic verse

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