Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



When the wind is blowing
Let it blow to you my feelings
Reach and touch your heart deeply
Feel my love for you profoundly

When the breeze is caressing
And the mist is melting
I’ll give you my warmth lovingly
Embrace and kiss you passionately

When the birds are singing
Butterflies are fluttering
I’ll hold you and dance with you
Waltzing rhymatically to the tunes

When the rain is pouring
It brings shower of blessings
Rainbow sky is painting
Love in our hearts are ringing

When the sun is smiling
Golden rays of light is beaming
A beautiful morn begins gloriously
Entwined souls seal in a kiss blissfully.



I smile in tranquility
A portion of me
Carried away by the wind
Captivated by the lovely scene

The charm of nature
Offers much pleasure
Relish with grandeur
Mind and soul nurtured

Colour of the sky is changing
My thought is wandering
The sun is setting
With crimson painting

The beauty of golden rays
Prepare to end the day
Time keeps on moving
Dusk is entering

Soon night takes over
Moon gleaming above
Stars twinkling and glittering
Silent night greeting.



The sun is smiling
Golden rays greeting 
Flowers are blooming
Sweet essence perfuming

Birds flirting with the wind
Fluttering its strong wings
Flying above in cool breeze
Cannot resist moment of bliss

See clear blue sky
Everything looks bright
Wind is whispering
Cotton cloud swirling

There is light in our lives
If you have faith, it will shine
Illuminate our paths to rise
Harbour optimism in mind

Cultivate hope and dream
New opportunity it could bring
Set your goal and believe
Confidence enable you to achieve.

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