Poem by Timothy  PAYTON



These thoughts are diamonds, watch how they prism and shine,
Aging so beautiful and sincerely divine,
Touching, feeling, growing like Vines,
Stretching far and wide, crossing and climbing;

Individuals, confident and critical,
Lost and blinded, blessed and spiritual,
Let’s form as a unit, move as a movement,
To come up and succeed, Global unity;

To fulfill what’s lost and truly live out our dreams,
To take opportunity and grab it by the seams,
Use your aura as a light, Beacon like a beam,
Allow it to flourish, to be a enlightened being;

This is your day of renewal, be the best you ever can,
Use it for the good, for every child, woman and man,
What you pursue, execute so Sublime,
This is the year of revelation, this is our time.


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