Poems by Malaya Kumar Jati

Poems by Malaya Kumar Jati


The Easy Yes In Love

Yes to death in love is very easy
As no to life for one losing life rosy
Yes to burn oneself for to see love shine
As no to enjoy for one who is lost in His wine

Death of self immortalizes love
Birth of self shoos away the dove
Life in love sees no death
Lasts even after the last breath

No hills are hills and mountains are mountains
All mere ant-hills in the flow of the love’s fountains
All the stony blocks of ice melt with the warmth of love
True love always receives the shower of flowers from the Above.


Love Is A Prayer

Yes, love never fails
It’s a saviour even in hells
Efforts from hearts pure hardly go in vain
Labour rendered for love brings no pain
To sacrife for one’s love one grows insane

Love is a prayer for a union holy
Beyond many a passionate folly
Love sings of no hatred but love only
So love is divine,pure and pristine truely.


You Are A Boon

My brother, you are a boon
Born to touch the heights of glory soon
Unstoppable force made of rare stuff
You will find no way hard and tough

Keep on marching on your path divine
The sun and the moon are ready to shine
Darkness fears to visit the land
Where you have made your stand

No clouds can cloud your vision
No stops can stop your passion
Her Grace is ever with you my soulmate
None but your verses will sketch your fate

Keep on glistening with your glow eternal
Thinking seraphic and singing beatific of all

Copyright@Malaya kumar Jati
All Rights Reserved 


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