THERE IS SOMETHING MORE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo



There is something more
something more sublime
some call it Force Majeure 
and some simply God
but can there be something more
slightly higher than God himself
no matter how else you can call this sublime being
they call it and try to invoke it
the way those before them taught them
and those before them too
who started the story
with many big words
so big that you could not understand in an instant
not even utter in one breath
because when you say a word about God
letters are arranged in words by themselves
and words never end
there are like a string of pearls
a burning candle in our hearts
then we are confronted with ourselves
crushing in thoughts
and thoughts are fighting each other
and the winning one is about God
who created everything that crawls and does not crawl
that word is the strongest
supreme among the words
the most sober one
the most balanced
it is the bearer of hope
of all desires
we worship it
we pray to it
we ask for forgiveness of all sins
because we sinned
we sin
and we will fall into sin
because we do not know the extent to which we should go
and we will never know how to stop
on the boundary
we never knew
we do not know
and we will not know how to stop
there where sin begins
we do not know
because we have not been taught recognition
nor knowledge
we have not learned the alphabet of sin
and that is the greatest sin
and therefore we will pay
and we do not know why we pay
and how much we pay
sin and payment never end
and since we don’t already know
then we cannot judge
because of that there is something more
and someone higher
more superior
than us

Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “POEMS I DIDN’T WANT TO WRTITE, SOME OTHER DREAMS” 2011

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