Jean C Bertrand ( Haiti)

Jean C Bertrand ( Haiti)

Jean C Bertrand is a Haitian Poet, writer, Playwright. Birth Place Port- Au- Prince Haiti Born Dec – 05- 1961 Nationality Haitian Founder Mystic Vision Poetry group, and Poetic Vision. Ambassador Of World Institute for Peace Haiti Branch, USA. World Union Of Poets Gold Cross Complexion based Discrimination Book Awarded with the medal of Ambassador De Literature HafriKan Prince Art World Ambassador Of Humanity World Institute For Peace (WIP) Poetry and the Bards (Moderator) Pure people’s Poet (administrator) Pot pourri Poets/ Artists ( administrator) PoEmarium By Dr NK Sharma (IP) Abuja Independent Writers Association (AWA) AUTHOR Jean C Bertrand.


Unseen dialectic

All majestic,
O sweet genesis,
Poetic verses, thy legacy,
Ancestors symbolic,
All spoken linguistic,
Listening to parabolic,
Spreading speeches,
Misunderstood by evil doers,
O beauteous kama, magnanimous, luminous, loving spirit,
Missing the rays, the moon, the sun,
Walking in the valleys, heartbroken,
Green trees in calamitous, breathing fire,
Darken momentous moments,
Watching the wind blows,
Damn it, no dancers in the garden,
Faded leaves, crying roses, mirthless,
Thy beauty, thy gaiety, earthly, thy sweetest decoration, in milky way,
Murmuring the stars, bursting into tears,
Heartfelt in gloom and doom oceans,


In the heart of art

In the heart of art,
There’s a rainbow, sweet discovery,
Dancing in deep blue, with flowers,
Images, waves, all magic, painted words,

In the heart of art,
There’s a passion, with loving smile,
A desire to breathe, delicious inspiration,
Heart beating, caressing the burden,

In the heart of art,
Immeasurable beauty, the light within,
A mountain of love, calming, thunder,
Touching hearts of sufferings,

In heart of art,
The elegant, luminous, beauteous glares,
Shall sustain in this place, the luxurious breath,
Sweet legacy, fueling cosmos with glee.


On the lips

On the lips of spring
Birds songs blessed
Fly high n dance in harmony
Wrapping under cosmos breath

On the lips of bitterness
The salted rocks
Murmuring down deep blue
Mermaid kindness, tender hugs

On the lips of sweetness
Flowers grow n glow in spring,
Summer smiles blowing gentle
Breeze, from the sea of calmness

On the lips of rain
Divine essence, welcoming
Roses in the forests, mountains
To be blessed with mirth n dance

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