Mariko Sumikura (Japan)

Mariko Sumikura (Japan)

Poet, Essayist, Translator

Mariko Sumikura born on August 18,1952, in Kyoto, Japan
She graduated from Faculty of Humannity, Department of Letters,
Ritsumeikan University (1973), obtained BA (Himanitics)
She worked in Kyoto University(1973-2008), International Center for Japanese Studies(1998-2000), and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (2003-2006), mainly charge for International relashion. After early retirement (2009), she organized Japan Universal Poets Asssociation with Germain Droogenbroodt, Milan Richter, and Takashi Arima as a director.
The debute on international magazines is e-journal “Offender” (New York State
University, College of Arberta) as “Offender” “Dew””Opal”. #17, 2004, U.S.A.
“Wadi,Festoon,Phoenix,Sagara,Spring Festival,Gitarist,Clove,Kaleidoscope,To
Sakura,Tsubaki,Ave Maria”anul ⅩⅠⅩ, Revista Apostrof, Romania, 2007
The debute on publication is “Kokoro Kaoru Hito” (2008)(Chikurinkan Publishing House, Japan)
Current Status Chair of Board, Japan Universal Poets Association
Prose: “Kokoro Kaoru Hito”(2008), “Yume Tsumugu Hito” (2009), “Hikari Oru Hito”(2009), “Ai Matou Hito (2010), “Tsuchi Daku Masurao”(2011) in Japanese from Chikurinkan Pubishing House, Osaka, Japan
“Duet of Flowers” co-authored with Hanane Aad, “Duet of Forests” co-authored with Gabriel Rosenstock, “Duet of Formula” co-authored with Laura Garavaglia, “Duet of Doves” co-authored with Tatjana Debeljaski.
Essays: Maria Zambrano (2018, Junpa Books) in Japanese (partially in English)

Articles (as below)

1. “Kaiko no kofuku ni tsuite” (Contemplation on happy encounters: Maria Zambrano),
Bibliotica Hispanica, 7,155-160, 2004, Korosha, Japan
2. “Kokoro no jonen ni tsuite” (Contemplation on pathos: Maria Zambrano),
Bibliotica Hispanica, 8, 73-78, 2005, Korosha, Japan
3. “Sei no ishiki ni tsuite” (Contemplation on consciousness of life: Maria Zambrano),
Bibliotica Hispanica, 9, 166-172, 2006, Korosha, Japan
4. “Kokoro no tetsugaku-On Maria Zambrano’s concept Razon Poetica”, Bibliotica Hispanica,10, 172-183, 2007, Korosha, Japan
5. “Tsugareiku Chi no honoo nit suite” Contemplation on Fire of Intelligence”: Bibliotica Hispanica,11h, 172-183, 2007, Korosha, Japan
6. “Susana Soca wo meguru seiza nit suite” (Contemplation on Susna Soca)”, 2009, “PO” 2009
7. “Shohin [Hotaru] ni Tshuite (Contemplation on Izumi Kyoka)”, 2009, “PO” 2009
8. “Shi ni okeru Biishiki ni tsuite (Contemplation Aesthetics Sense on Mabuchi Miiko)”, 2009 “PO” 2009


“Mina wo Tonaete (original title is Uttering Her Name by Gabriel Rosenstock
“Tsuyu no Tama” (original title is Dew by Germain Droogenbroodt
“Senkushu” (original title is Mille Haiku by Dante Maffia
Translated 100 books in Junpa Books mainly as Duet series


“Mina wo Tonaete” (“Uttering Her Name” by Gabriel Rosenstock) won the
Translated Irish Literature Award by Ireland Literature Exchange in 2012.
The first prize at the festival Pannonian Galeb festival for poetry book translated in
Serbian in 2017.
Milos Crnjanski Prize in International Literature Festival-Wien 2017
Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Honour) 2018

Participation at festivals
She was invited to several international poetry readings such as the 49th Struga Poetry
Readings in 2011, Jan Smrek International Literary Festival in 2012. “Europa in
Versi”(Como, Italy) in 2015. Mihai Eminesuc International Poetry Festival (Craiova,
Romania) in 2015.

Translations from personal work

Books Dust of Dove in Serbian (2016),Ai Matou Hito in Estonian (2019)
Translated many languages such as Armenian, Irish, Italian, Albanian, Macedonian,
Srovak, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian,
Estonian, Gjarati, languages

Editorial Issues

Poetic Bridge: Ama-Hashi (yearly)
JUNPA BOOKS Duet Series, and so on

Organizing Poetry Festivals/Poetry Readings
“Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy: Poetry Reading in Kyoto” 2011-present
JUNPA 5th Anniversary Commemorative Poetry Festival 2016


Cross Section of the Heart

A big gray stone was displayed
in a show window
It was cut in half

I saw the section and held my breath
That seems to be a warped annular ring
Beautiful colors stacked densely and sparsely

The layers are blue-green gradations
There are some ivory rings
There are also red purple rings

It is the section
Which I will not be tired of

And here
Walking quietly is
An elder poetess

In her heart
Thick layers of words
Might be piling up

I am sure that
I saw the section of
The poet’s heart.


Love as strange equation

Even a simple equation
Must have a solution.

If existence is assumed
As being a fixed number
When time and the depth of the love are assumed
A coefficient

The left side is closed by a parenthesis
With a transient dream and an inner conflict
The right side isn’t closed within a parenthesis
With strong will and invariable existence

Why are both sides equal?

As I have expected, love is strange equation.


Great Blue

In free diving
When descending vertically
The legend has a limit

Still, he established a record:
Went deeper by a mere millimeter
Longer by one second

“It was exquisite that beautiful blue
I saw at the moment
I almost lose consciousness.”

He said
It was a great blue

Can I say to somebody that
I also saw this great blue
in the depth of love?

Sunlight though did not reach
The boundary between
Life and death.

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