Poems by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poems by Pushmaotee Subrun
Chained to thoughts,
Chained to the past,
Chained to traditions,
Chained to society,
Chained to family,
Chained to unfulfilled dreams,
Chained to disillusion,
I feel the fetters,
I feel suffocated,
I feel like flying away
To freedom, to light heartedness, to happiness,
To a far, far away natural nest,
To an Elysian field,
To a green grove, or veld,
Or to our own pristine beaches to be lost in admiration,
Being entranced by the majestic beauty of the undulation
Of the waves crashing on the shore without cessation
As if to unshackle me from all my smothering fetters,
Get rid of my bothers,
Making me feel liberated,
Morally strong and light hearted.
When life is not coming up roses
When life is not coming up roses
Why not find beauty in the weeds?
Why not find the hidden beauty in the meads?
Why not give yourself another chance?
Why not cast just another glance?
Plenty of opportunities might be ahead,
To try instead
Of wasting your energy in being discouraged,
And looking crestfallen and dejected.
If nothing comes up, realize
That the rose plants, thorns materialize
To protect them from any invader
Bent to be their destroyer.

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