Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan



“Who is encroaching our flying space?
Who dares to match us in the race?
Oh!, it is soaring with mightier pace,
It seems that thing is giving us a chase!!”

Wondered, eagles gave it a look so curious,
At this ‘alien thing’ they were very furious,
They came together to see the object mysterious,
But it soared high in its flight so glorious.

It was shaking is ear and wagging its tail,
Veered hither and thither in its skyward sail,
Mighty mountains it did scale,
I had to pull it down as the sun got pale.

But it wanted to become one with the sky,
Chasing the birds in its soar so high,
To get free of string and snap my human ties,
In to the heaven my kite went saying me good- bye.



Nature is life from which I draw inspiration,
It gives me blissful moment to cool off my perspiration,
I am a part of the mother nature’s awesome creations,
Nature’s child I am, and I rejoice in exhilaration.

Nature has engulfed me with so much love,
My spirit soars far so high like a dove,
Kissed with life by the soothing rays of the sun,
Bonding with nature is so much of fun.

Hearing ocean waves singing song of nature,
There is absolute beauty in all natures features,
The flowers of my garden bloomed with wild abandon,
Every pore of mine is filled with perpetual passion.

Like Tarzan I wish to swing from tree to tree,
With Jane in my embrace, in jungles lush canopy,
Playing all day in steamy hot sun,
Then sleeping all night in a cave having tons of fun.

In the jungle paradise , me and Jane alone,
Not a sound to interrupt us from mobile phone,
Wish to lie in the shores filled with silky sands,
Cool waters refreshing us in nature’s wonderland.

Carefree like a swinging monkey on a tree,
Circling flowers like a black bumble bee,
This is how I wish the life should be,
Nature’s child I am, let me live up to my fantasy.



I want to set my foot on a new path,
Away from trappings of my ego and take spiritual bath,
Throwing my achievements in the backseat,
Basking in the blissful spiritual light and heat.

My soul is so dark like charcoal,
I need to make it a lustrous diamond in whole.
Let the wind of spirit storm in like tornado,
Let it explode and blast my ego like torpedo.

Let my rejuvenated spirit unbind my enslaved mind,
Marveling at all creations as my child-like eyes find,
To get immersed, bathed and rejuvenated in divine love,
And to reset, recharge and draw from my spirit’s trove.

Needing personal retreat to re-ignite my passion,
Seeking liberation from my mental prison,
I yearn for mystic self-transformation,
To establish with Divine a perpetual connection.

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