Poems by Rajani Mula

Poems by Rajani Mula



Silence pretends hiding things many
But its abode can’t truly hide anything
Lips that dance show smiles unreal
Yet their steps can’t truly hide anything
Eyes which spread sparkles of glitter
Though try hard speak of hidden glooms
Words which weave stories of merriment
Can’t truly rule the depth of tone ever
Heart which has eyes only can see things hidden
Heart which has ears can only hear words undressed
Not all have a heart which has ears and eyes
Rare are such hearts which are made of compassion
Rare are such hearts which know nothing but love
Rare are such hearts which live to sprinkle love
Save such hearts dear God, world needs them badly than ever before!



The moment escaped from the tide of emotions
Presents nerve to wipe off guilt
The minute that makes you slave of your elations
Challenges your self respect that gets crushed
Flow like a river at play
But surrender not yourself to a pond
Which steals the purity of your soul
Hold rainbow of joys in your eyes
But not river of tears which increase your pain
You are stronger than the strength
Only when you believe your own self
Search for the best in all
But lose not yourself in respecting their nobility
Your dignity is your asset
Let not anyone trample it with the shoe of warmth.



Eyes which can’t read your heart
Lips which are thirst of your tears
Are not worth your repention

Wall of silence you build on your heart
Parting yourself from the room of pain
Your soft heart needs your attention


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