Bilquis Fatima (India)

Bilquis Fatima (India)
Bilquis Fatima, an innate lover of nature and speaker for social issues ,has allowed her
feelings to be expressed as short writes and speeches from her college time. Though being
a post graduate in Chemistry has also mastered the skills of poetry appreciation and writing.
Her poems reflecting the situations that are prevalent in the society, have been
appreciated in some group s of poets and writers lately.
Peace- Boundless love
The world, I dream, as a humungous bower
Sheltering hearts soaked in love
Love as pure as morning showers
Transcending barriers rises above
Away from hate and evil powers.
And everyone in their own sweet way
Diligently concentrates for life to ameliorate
In rue and revenge no time they waste
Nor lose their peace to infuriately instigate
Verily sins and not sinners, love eradicates.
And in this bower , a river of peace flows
Where the blacks , the whites and the yellows
Singing paeans , paint images of kaleidoscope.
Sharing willingly gems deposited in the rivers shores
While love like fragrant breeze heals all sores .
Where no longer gets wasted, the nights.
In keeping guard or planning fights
But in peaceful slumber all find delight
As of persecution there is no sight
While mothers aren’t awaken by fright.

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