Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy (India)

Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy (India)
Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy, a poet and review writer, India, is composing poetry with a global perspective for the past 25 years. Of the 2000 poems composed, nearly 1600 poems appeared in various magazines, journals, anthologies, newspapers, e-zines etc. in nearly 100 countries across the world. His six volumes of poetry received wide readership acclaim. His poetry is aimed at promoting universal peace, environment awareness, protection of children rights etc. for which he was commended with several prestigious awards, viz., Universal Peace Ambassador, International Intellectual Peace Award, Asian Who’s Who, Effulgent Star etc. He was conferred with the FOUR prestigious doctorates and honored with First Laureate of the World of Literature 2017 by World Nations Writers’ Union, KAZAKHSTAN.‎ Mr. Ashok is also the Hon. Adviser of Borneo International Open University, Malaysia, Vice-President, Global Harmony Association, Russia, Research Committee Member, U.S.A, Centre of Non-killing, Norway etc. More about his tryst with poetry can be known at:
Autumn leaves flutter with the early morning gales
Dew drops glitter under the gold-reflective sunrays,
The pleasing horizon unfolds another dawn, delightful
The ‘Longing For Peace’ unfurls in my thoughts castle.
Blessed are the flowers which during nights blossom
Blessed are the buds which for a new tomorrow dream,
Blessed are the clouds adorning the sky, day and night
Blessed are we, whoever cherishes the dazzling sight.
Faith and amity adorn the earth as ornaments of peace
A place to bask under the warmth of love-surging eyes;
Why can’t we exhibit our wit, patience and tolerance?
To sort out recurring frictions and rising differences.
The sprouts of evil; ‘hatred and egocentric ambitions’,
The hassles of progress; ‘injustice and non-cooperation’,
When both are overpowered by love and self-realization;
The planet earth is bound is become an abode of heaven.
Instead of ruin, we foresee equivalence and prosperity
Instead of uncertainty, we foresee a worthwhile future;
The clouds of passion shall shower everlasting trust,
The winds of change shall blow every atom of mistrust.
On the ripples of freedom, float the thoughts of peace
With firm resolve, let us honor the Longing For Peace.
Yes, Peace is THE ONLY HOPE for humanity
But, it’s slaughtered in the name of enmity,
If, we fail to really understand each other
How can harmony exist between one another?
Hate if groomed, will wipe out human unity
Conflicts if stirred, push regions into poverty,
The clutches of enmity are mercilessly brutal
They annihilate the universal peace symbols.
People in search of peace, women and children
In the orgy of destruction are not spared even;
The orphaned, children and victimized women
Express volumes of inexpressible grief and pain.
Ill-intended thoughts and ego-bloated tendency
The ever-increasing thirst to snatch supremacy,
Derail the wheels of world peace and prosperity,
They pose dire threat to the world and humanity.
While nuclear warheads pose a perilous challenge,
Ballistic missiles aim to target the farthest range,
The icons of love, peace and hope for humanity
Stare at us in askance; is this our unity or enmity?
So uncertain; yes, life is an ever changing mirage
If we discard earthly passions, it brings a change.
Yes, the world is infested with the disease of conceit
Except thorns; how come cozy petals one can expect?
Like a lake that dries up when the water recedes
Often, hope after hope fades as fleeting time unfolds;
Under the toxic and illusionary bonds of delusion
We fail to apprehend, what is reality and illusion.
Like a frog in a small pool disregarding the ocean
We revolve in a sphere of self-centric ambitions;
The day we remove the desire-laced thorny pearls
The light of wisdom, yes, lights-up the path of petals.
Like a combination of cozy petals and sharp thorns
Life is a combination of both delights and mourns;
Unless inner foes like desire, anger, greed are plucked
The path of petals is eternally elusive and blocked.
Gifted with mind power as also with power of discretion
Why not we aim to light the lamp of righteous vision;
The ocean of virtue; pleasant, cool, soft and fragrant
Shall transform every day and every moment as vibrant.

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