Poem by  Margaret Kowalewska 


My mind wonders
how the beauty
of colors is designed..
What great artistry it entails
when it veils the world 
with wondrous details..

What immeasurable
of the highest
intelligence creation
streams images
through the prism
of souls..

Sunset sky
in alluring garnets
and shy river
covering bosom
with garlands of flowers,
are sensuous lovers..

They cannot take eyes
off each other
when saturating
their bodies, sanctified
with adoration
swelling with luminosity
in perpetual relation..

I feel their energy
flowing through me
uplifting me taking me to realms
where colors become music
and music becomes a waltz
of human emotions
touching my soul in thrill
Moving me to tears..

I learned that God
holds tears in His sacred palm
and in His blessed heart..
It is a beautiful place
for tears to dwell
because tears
are prayers after all..
I know deeply in my heart
that it is the vibration of love
that creates all that is beautiful
in the world..

And if I am ever blessed
to reach the divine realm
of love,
I can only imagine how parallel it is
to the intoxication of mine
when I drink the beauty
of nature’s hologram with my eyes,
but intensified by a thousand times..
I long for such love pure and divine..


(c) Margaret Kowalewska 

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