Williamsji Mavlei (India)

Williamsji Mavlei (India)
Williamsji Mavlei is a member of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION as well as a honorary member of one of its World Higher Literary Academic Council (WHLAC ). Also, he is the Regional Chairman of UHE, Peru and the Chief Administrator of Motivational Strips, the world’s best writer’s web and one of it’s Academic Deans. He had won the prestigious Honorary Author award for his literary excellence.
A Freelance Journalist from Kerala, Williamsji Maveli, wears his many featured caps with elegance. He has created a place for himself in the world of poetry and literary review writing and contributes regularly to many poetry web sites and groups. Poetry writing for him is a deep passion, and his poetry depicts realities in life, coupled with spirituality in love and longings.
Williamsji is currently working as a Freelance web content writer and designer at Bangalore and Cochin in India. Earlier, he had worked for ETISLALAT, THURAYA SATELLITE Corporations, ME PUBLISHERS, KHALEEJ TIMES, GULF NEWS & GULF TODAY – All News Agencies in United Arab Emirates.
Our body is a temple of temptations,
Built – in with sinful deeds and ventures;
The aftermath is for purity;
This comes only
On an accomplishment of life.
The soul is a shrine
Of affections,
Made of powerful
Pillars and frames;
Bones and breasts;
The ceremony is for purity
This comes only
On your entertainment of Love
All are Near All are Far
In between
the dawn mist and the dusk cloud,
A cold
Windy day ended and had vanished.
In the strong
Arms of the blue ocean,
An innocent low
tide wave embraced the shore,
In a lovely
mood and in its own rhythms,
Keep my regards and adore high up,
Pour more tears into my poetry cup,
Give me few drops from your twilight,
This life burns without much a delight,
Building fantasies very cavernous inside,
Grounded and guarded by debris outside,
Still the flames of love stay further alive,
Though nothing else left over to believe,
This light is so vague and more elusive,
As long as you fill light of joy exclusive,
Kissing the yellow flames without any timidity,
Life is flowing smooth like a river in serenity.
The nature’s inner emotions leaked out;
Pouring heavily, rain drops on her breast;
Half-covered body smiles on the surface;
Her roughness turns down to a pink face.
Oh my Dear Mother Earth,
You are very elegant;
You are very benevolent.
You are a sleeping ray of light;
You are a peeping eye of night;
You sing a love melody with a half smile;
A mild kiss mark on your cheeks, meanwhile;
Your body rouses; your shapes turn around;
Again lying up and down, a fine ecstasy inbound,
Oh my Dear Mother Earth,
You are a sleeping ray of light;
You a peeping eye of night
Your harsh lust is in doors:
Your light love is in outdoors.

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