Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


The world’s cold

Lost in the vastness of the cold
Winds Howling. Freezing the whole world
Sun hiding… Tired and old
Seeking the inner fire warmth.., to behold.


Lines on my page

How can i be lonely
When winds murmur your delights
On strings of guitar…
Most of the nights
Melodies keep playing. .inviting
Stars around me..ignite the sight
No matter how far you are..
Moments of passion ..swirling
IN a rainbow you draw in my heart
Now that colors mingle together
I remain…..a loving.. piece of art..


The flowing river

Have you listened to the psalm of a river
Singing a melody of tunes divine
Flowing incessantly with tender power
Holding his secrets..under rippling shine…

How many smiles, how many hurts
How many broken dreams..flow from distance
How many memories of shredded hearts
All scroll softly toward the ocean of silence….

Love on surface,rippling in the sun
Shining as rays of heaven’s glow
A beauty dancing in that flowing run
Surrending, gracefully ,in fading slow….

One thought on “Poems by Hana Shishiny

  1. Congrats dear poetessa…your poems were taken from the life…..which were…are….and will….I wish you great success in your life and poetry….

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