Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



None bother us
It is our mind
None hate us 
It is we who
Create sound
Why ?Why ?
Can’t you believe ?
Ponder over it
Let me searched
Really we whose mind
Are we not on ground ?
We blame others
Searched my soul
But in reality it is our mind
Believe it or not
It create music of life
It cry as hound
Listen to your heart and soul
It plays beautiful sound.



Ah !Ah! Amazing stars shining in the sky
My strong feathers of fairy want to fly
Not alone temple soul surprised 
Whole world gazing galaxy of you

O!God thanks for making it so high
Giant mountains talking to me
Kissing this knight kindly
Ah!Sweetest rare relish

Made me laugh in the middle of stars
Clouds hold my hands
Thunderbird not terror mine
My wisdom is amazed

How you made beautiful painting hanging in the sky
So pure ,so soft for surprised.



O! Enthusiastic young blood , live your loving life
Full of your choice
I suffered pain when opened my eyes 
Long experience made me a flower
For fragrance ,peace ,for justice and rise
Live your life with dignity
Always believe in inner beauty
Leaders are here and there
Be the leader of your hope ,victory
Be able for your dream materialise
Work as an angel ,live your life as a monk
Always be sincere ,be wise. 

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