Hilal KARAHAN (Turkey)

Hilal KARAHAN (Turkey)

She was born in 1977, at Gaziantep, Turkey. She has graduated from Kütahya Tavşanlı İstiklal Elementary School in 1988, Balıkesir Sırrı Yırcalı Anatolian High School in 1995, Ankara Hacettepe University English Medical School in 2001 and Ankara Başkent University Medical School, Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency in 2006.Although she has been writing since elementary school, her professional poems, stories, articles about poetry have been published since 2000. She was one of the editors of ÇAMCAK Culture and Literature Magazine, published in Ankara Hacettepe University Poem Club during 2000-2002, ETKEN Poem Magazine, published in Alanya during 2003-2004 and MÜHÜR Poem and Literature Magazine in İstanbul during 2010-2013. Since 2017, she is a member of publishing council of international bilingual poetry magazines of Absent, Rosetta Word Literatura and Sahitya Anand.

Poem Books:

İç Sözlük-Bir Günün Özeti – Self Dictionary-Summary of One Day (Kül Publications, Ankara, February 2003)
Tepenin Önünde – In Front of The Hill (Kül Publications, Ankara, May 2003)
Giz ve Sis – Secret and Mist (Kül Publications, Ankara, November 2004): Found as “remarkable” in 2004 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Poem Election
Gecikmiş Mumya – Delayed Mummy (Mühür Library, İstanbul, June 2010): Found as “successful” in 2010 Cemal Süreya Poem Election
Ateşi Bölen Gece – The Night Sundering Passion (Mühür Library, İstanbul, June 2012): Given Burhan Günel Private Award in 2013 M. Sunullah Arısoy Poem Election

Denizi Arayan Sokak – Strada Care Cautẵ Marea (Selected Poems, Translated to Romanian by Niculina Oprea, Tracus Arte Publishing, Bucharest, November 2014)

Denizi Arayan Sokak – La Rue Qui Cherce La Mer (Selected Poems, Translated to French by Mustafa Balel, Artshop publications, İstanbul, October 2016)

Ateş ve Gece Arasında – Between Night And Fire (Selected Poems, Translated to English by Hilal Karahan, Artshop publications, İstanbul, March 2017)

Kırk Yama Kırk Yara – FortyWoundFortyPatchwork (Yasakmeyve Komşu Publications, İstanbul, May 2017): Given 2017 İsmet Kemal Karadayı Poetry Prize, Jurie Special Award

Poems To The Shadows -قصائدللظّلال (Selected Poems, Translated to Arabic by Fethi Sassi, Battana Publishing House, Cairo, 2017)

Gecenin Köşeleri – Angoli Della Notti (Selected Poems, Translated to Italian by Claudia Piccinno, Edizioni Associazione Culturale “Il cuscino di stele”, 2018)

Denizi Arayan Sokak – La Calle Que Busca La Mar (Selected Poems, Translated to Spanish by Yuri Zambrano & Oscar Limache, in press, 2019)

Orta Doğu, En Yakın En Uzak – Oriente Medio, el más lejano y el más cercano (Selected Poems, Translated to Spanish by Malak Mustafa Soufi, in press, 2019)

Gece Lirikleri – Noćna Lirika (Selected Poems, Translated to Serbian by Denisa Kondic, in press, 2019)

Essay Books:

Şiir ve Kuantum – Poem and Quantum (Mühür Library, İstanbul, January 2012)
Dip Köşe Şiir Notları – Nook and Cranny Poem Notes (Yasakmeyve Komşu Publications, İstanbul, September 2014)

Translated Books (From English to Turkish):

Herkesle Yalnız – Alone with Everybody, Santosh Alex, Artshop, October 2017

İlerleme Yolunda – Towards our Progress, Miodrag Jacksig, Artshop, January 2018

She  have more awards,  national a nd international.


Refugee Tent


It was night, cold. She

crept silently to her husband.

Cleaning oily hair with her palm

she cleared also the fury.


Without shaking the tent,

waking the children up

he turned towards her face:

He was abashed at speaking

to his wife and spitted out

in her vagina.


Hungry children are in fire

the syrup that doctor gave

was not enough for two.

The parents are relaxed

to hear their coughing:

Thank God, today also they didn’t die.


Little, Black, Sheared Hands…

Days are the edge of a cliff

if it breezes, they will fall

upon the metropolitan area,

upon factories, skyscrapers, squares

upon mosques, bazaars

the ash will be scattered

They look like the roses opening in the cliff

little, black, sheared hands

that were branded by pricks and torn

by a sharp evening under heavy rains

even the God ashamed for what he created

Wind collects black wedding dress from the cliff

and brings it to cooling lap of her parents

dreams take to the doors unopened

houses are ever graves

Why is God still so far?


 Death in Aegean Sea


With its claws, death pettles

rubber boats crossing Al Sirat

certain hopes drop into fire ocean.

The world, whose sough

is disappeared, waves at

backstage like a curtain.


When morning has dawned,

refugee children trundle

into the middle of mettle:

Europe is looking blind, listening deaf.

If they can reach to doors,

it will accept 400 thousand refugees

to make lief toothpicks

for cogwheels of capitalism.

They will be hungry, thirsty

but still alive

if they can pass Aegean waves,

Greek police batons,

Hungarian wire fences,

Macedonian railways,

if they can reach Europe.


Middle East has shaken out

the tablecloth, paradise and hell

are got under foot

Everyone lives in heart’s cage

watching the earth

through wounds

4/ Presentation:

Tragedy of little child as a symbol of thousands’ desperation: After his family’s struggle to reach Europe, a Syrian child was drowned in Aegean Sea and his corpse was thrown to Turkish coast.”

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