Marian Eikelhof (Netherlands)

Marian Eikelhof (Netherlands)
Marian Eikelhof is a poet who works in her daily life as a psychologist leading her own consultancy firm, named Psychologisch Adviesbureau Ariadne. Her work inspires her to write about the emotional aspects of existence. Not only she describes feelings of love, intimacy and desire, but also she reflects about states of profound sadness and feelings of emptiness. On the whole she criticizes dehumanisation and an ongoing process of alienation in human relationships. Marian has recently published the second edition of her collection of poems titled “een nulurencontract met het leven” in the Netherlands and her book has recently been translated into English and Turkish. In order to help defending humanity, Marian regularly visits poetry festivals in Cuba and is now working on a collection of poetry in the Spanish language.
Only now I realize
how every minute of yours
is occupied
with crucial decisions
long distance phone calls
virtual flirtations
functional fucking
ego masturbation
and in the name of society
working overtime.
Then there was only
two naked bodies
the morning light
You and I.
Hotels, houses and castles in the air
I lived nowhere
I left no one
motionless as stone
I write the time ahead of me
Whether I die alone
under the shower
or with you
I don’t care
I will come at home anywhere
falling into your arms
forgetting all trauma
the days of suffering
heartbroken in love.
The tram conductor
poets against genocide
The devil in uniform checked more than tickets that day.
raped the air around me with prejudice and short-sightedness.
His eyes were murky, blue lakes full of lust. He desired me.
The parents of the dead should blame themselves. He said tough.
As long as it’s not my child, why would the truth burn me like acid…
As long as it is not my child, why would the truth bury me at the bottom of the sea…
He sang.
Let’s be honest here, dear,
whites among whites, only blue skies.
The sky would not rain dead children
had they been blank like we.
He leaned over towards me
with this specific bad breath of hate
nearly suffocating me.
Yet, my answer was thank you
dude, you’re not my type, get lost
if you please.

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