Nikollë Loka  (Albania)

Nikollë Loka  (Albania)

Nikolla Loka was born in Sang of Mirdita on March 25, 1960. After graduating for the teacher at the High Education Institute “Luigj Gurakuqi” Shkodër in 1983, he started working as a as a teacher, education inspector and school principal in Mirdita and in Tirana, where he deals also with journalism: editor in the “Politika” newspaper, political analyst in national dailies: “Albania”, “Express”, “Balkan” etc. Currently he is the Executive Director of the Institute of Albanian Studies “Gjon Gazulli” based in Tirana.

Nikollë has published poetic cycles in various newspapers and in electronic portals in Albanian, Italian, English, French, Romanian, Swedish etc. He is author of six poetic volumes: “People who grow old in the crossroads”, 1998; “Violated time” 1999; “Far from the Homeland”, 2001; “A Rainbow Arch”, 2013; “Next Time” 2015; “Overnight pass without permission” 2017, winner of the “Din Mehmeti” award for the best poetry book in the XXXIV poetical rally,

organized by the Literary Club “Gjon Nikolla Kazazi” Gjakova.

Nikolle Loka is a participant with 15 poems in the poetry collection “Gherbino” together with five Italian poets, published by  “Aletti Editore”, Roma 2014, and has published in Italian the book “Un arco dell” arcobaleno “, editions” Emal “, Tirana 2017.

His poems were selected by the professional jury as winners and published abroad in various poetical anthologies. Included in poetry anthology “Poetry from Balkans”, publisher “Inner Child Press”, New Jersey, USA 2018; participant in multilingual anthology “Amarati Poetic Prism 2018” in Vijaywada, Anthra Pradesh India.

Rewarded in International Poetry Competitions: Second Prize Winner at the International Poetry Competition “Terra Lontana” 2016 in Italy; winner of “Merit Testimony” in this competition for 2017. In 2018 he was the winner of the “Merit Testimony” in the national competition “Patricia Graciani” 2017, which takes place in Gioia dei Marsi in Italy.

Nikollë Loka has been a Jury member at the International Poetical Festival “Veliero”, held at Cirò Marine – Calabria of Italy in 2017. He is a member of several associations and clubs of Albanian writers.


Beyond time…
beyond this time
that flows and vanishes,
beyond today
that becomes yesterday,
beyond tomorrow
that ages
under our very eyes,
beyond this hour that releases
a pollen of sentiments,
beyond this minute
that vibrates
dreamy waltzes,
beyond the sky-blue
seconds of our hearts,
beyond this attraction
that descends
into our arteries and dissolves,
it is subjective time
that stops at point zero.
A dream that repeats itself
day after day.
My feelings
My feelings,
a rush
of air
that suffocates
in your time.
A nomadic
morning vision.
a rose spoiled
by sin.
my feelings
are recluses
behind castles of words,
they come out of your mirror
to go away…
And in distant shady areas
behind empty skies,
a muse
is wounded in her soul.
My memories
My memories,
like orphaned doves
in eternal flight.
Like nocturnal dust
that is sprinkled
on fountains of thought,
lost moments
carried away by waves,
so my subconscious
flows like a river…
The past, reduced to little,
becomes foam.
In a scream
that returns to me,
into my ageless heart,
and it says…
You will not dare
forget me!

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