Trandafir Sîmpetru (Romania)

Trandafir Sîmpetru (Romania)
Trandafir Sîmpetru, was born on 19 April 1962 in the commune of Jirlău, Brăila County. He is president of the World Union of Poets in Romania.
President of the World poets Association.
Director of Lyrical Publishing Graph Romania.
It has over 50 international awards.
Has so far published 34 volumes of poetry.
It is proposed for the Nobel Prize of World Poets Associațion Magazine.
He is the first writer in the world to stage a global festival of poetry.
whenyou’re coming trembling
while you’re approaching me with the nightingale smile
with the fear of the lightning from the heights,
when you’re stepping in my dreams on your knees,
when you’re begging and pleading,
whilemy indifference is broken towards the walls,
whenyour illusion is gone,
whenyour joy is cast away,
whenit has been given to you
thelife of the one who will be no more,
then… you are walking on the other pathway,
alone… the other one remains just here…
For you, my beloved,
one blank page has remained,
like a boundless desert
where tropical winds write its own signs,
not being able to comprehend
howwe are fleeing away from the suffering,
how we are looking for the momentum
without its contour, shapelessly
while on the edge of the world
I cannot hear itsfootsteps.
Is the woman who cannot come?
Could be the night which is waiting for me?
One blank page has remained for me,
large as an ocean shore… on which
an anxious flash vision has just passed.
I Am Telling You…
Honey, I am telling you,
My days are wasted on the roads,
I have been looking for you among words,
the solstice comes and spreads out its snows
between our loves…
And you…. You keep waiting for me…
But I am not coming back…
The night carries coldness and silences.
How the wind is blowing on the shore
on which I have remained!…
Closer and closer,
thesea’s somber bell has been tossing
and you are calling me with your earth’s words
to the place where you can ask me to arrive,
andthe moment I am able to reach,
I shall kneel again inside your blue eyes.
Ohhh… how the wind blows on the cold coast!

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