BROKEN SPIRIT / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

Poem by Eden S. Trinidad



Wish I could be there with you,
Just to listen to you
While you outpour life’s disappointments.

You have endured so much
Without any ranting.

Life is not friendly with you.
Your spirit has been broken.
You look so devastated,
Torn and dismayed.

I wish I could be there beside you
Just to hold your hands tightly
And lock my eyes with you.

Your thin hands cover your face
While you retell your brokenness
Disgusted, you hide your sadness.

Wish I could be with you
And hug you all night
To wipe the rolling tears
From your disbelieving eyes.

And caress you and shower you
With my tenderness smile
Just to let you know…

I care about you,
I care about you,
I care about you!

Copyright: Eden S Eden S Trinidad

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