Lily Swarn (India)

Lily Swarn (India)
Lily Swarn, multilingual poet, author and columnist is a gold medallist and University colour holder.She has written three books .Her novel The Gypsy Trail, was launched by the Governor of Punjab.She won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 and was recognised as Global Poet Encomium Of Peace and Universal Love,She was awarded Global Icon of Peace,and the Virtuoso Award . She was conferred with the Elizabeth Barrett Browning International Award at India World Poetry Festival in recognition of her contribution for World Literature and Promotion of World Peace and for her Legendary contributions in the field of Literature and Poetry in 2017 Lily has been honoured with” An Icon “award during the celebrations of 51 years of establishment of Chandigarh,International Diploma by Temirqazyq, the best writer of the world 2017,Poetic Galaxy 2018 award,Sarojini Naidu Award for excellence in Poetic composition and recitation ,Gold Double Cross award for the book ,Complexion Based Discriminations .
Lily was awarded the trophy for being Woman Of Substance,Title of Meritorious Poet and Author 2017,The coveted “Frang Bardhi “International Poetry Contest awarded Lily with A Special Award for her exceptional work.Awarded Certificate OF Honour for delivering a disquisition on Metalanguage.World Directory of Literature , History, Art and Culture presented a Certificate that endorses the inclusion of the illustrious Lily Swarn for her recognised merits in the literary and cultural field . World Icon of Literature by International Higher Academic Council of English Literature and International Icon of Literature titles were bestowed upon her . Her poetry has been translated into 13 languages.She has been a radio show host in the US and compered many stage shows.
Men may think it’s a woman’s last resort
Little do they know what stern clay
the apparently weaker sex are made of ,
The essential condensed emotion squeezed out
Of those limpid pools of nectar is pure holy water
No crocodile is ever acquainted with its potency
The first freshly squashed drop of virginal dew
Hovering inside the Kohl lined eyelids
The doe timidly fluttering her eyelashes
is no simpering baby doll
She is trying very hard to keep her liquid gold safely inside
Willing desperately to stop it from spilling on terra firma
Hearts that are statues of smoking stone
Impervious to shows of such wimpish emotional outbursts
Men roll their eyes , turn away and exclaim “not again !”
It’s not a weapon ,it’s not a ruse
It’s the violated 10 year old’s suppressed sobs
It’s the abused wife’s black and blue welts
It’s the war widow’s bucketful
It’s the grief crazed mother’s dead son
It’s the end of the tether
It’s the height of a trauma
It’s the bursting of a rain suffused cloud
It’s the crashing of a crescendo
It’s a woman’s tear drop
Whithersoever this serpentine road leads me
This cobbled street with mangy mongrels slinking away into dank corners
I shall stamp and strut on this catwalk whichever one has come to me as a gift
I shall wear a badge of refinement with a sheer veil of Dacca muslin
It may not be in my destiny to wear one of French chiffon
Perhaps a musky garland of intoxicating jasmine
Will shower its bounty on my bewildered aura
The Nile will paint my sari a brilliant turquoise as I steal a lilac orchid for my throbbing head
The Andes will not know my name as I live far away
They will call out to me in velvet voiced endearments
Till the valleys blush a coy peach
At coral break of dawn my sweven will nudge me awake with urgency
It screeches out the hour of my final reckoning urging me to wind up my earthly business
I have some urgent work to finish ,I beg of you O Yama
Let me go and get back my pile of dreams that lie beneath my pillow
I have to feed the dog and my roses need watering
I promise to follow you then wherever you take me ,docile as a lamb for slaughter .
The sun
A bruised sun
Waded across the dismal azure
Battered beyond recognition
Scarred and disfigured
Panting for life
Asphyxiated with noxious fumes
It’s gold raiments tattered
It’s incandescent glow faded
The sun smiled bravely
Through the deadly haze
He had to live on
As the world depended on his Rays.

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