Alma Braja (Albania)

Alma Braja (Albania)
Alma Braja was born in Albania, in a stone town named Gjirokastër. Since 1993 she lives in Athens, Greece. She studied tourism and currently she works in a travel agency. Her first touch with poetry was when she worked in a radio station in her town. She says that it was poetry that founded her again, after many years. A few poems are published in a collection with albanian poets that live in Europe. Some of her work, are also published in several portals such as:
Her first poetry collection will soon be published.
At last!
To find what you have never asked,
At last!
To say that the present,
has an expression to describe the peace of the soul,
whispering in your ear:
At last!”
To breathe differently,
and to feel what is described only with the words:
last! “
To know then the self,
that there will never be an end,
to what made you stutter, after whispering:
“At last!”
And the mind will know,
that better solution cannot be find in the future,
nor in the past,
except experiencing that moment
which belongs to the present,
and through a timely touch,
knows how to admit:
“At last!”
Do you know what it means to love something
for the last time?
It’s like giving shape
to a bonzai tree without roots.
And then turning it upside down,
until all the juices have dried up.
It’s like putting it in a frame,
and hanging it on the opposite wall;
And looking at it while writing
for the bonzai tree.
And then, remembering that once
you had given shape to a bonzai tree.
Don’t be sad!
If the winds have already departed from your land.
And the trees,
those that are not wearing leaves,
do not move.
Winds are lost completely.
There was a time when they spoke,
while the trees were silent,
listening the whisper of the leaves.
Now you have to get used to silence.
you have to wait for new winds
to be born.
Let’s stay here.
In a future past, hope is resting.
And in her sleep, a past future is dreaming.
Don’t be sad that is sleeping now.
And while dreaming,
confuses the next day.
Don’t be sad,
yesterday is the reason.
Lost are, completely, in the present,
the winds.
Don’t be sad!
Hope will awaken.

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