Ion P. Iacob (Romania)

Ion P. Iacob (Romania)
The poet Ion P. Iacob was born on November 12, 1955 in Breaza, Buzău, Romania. He published thefollowing poetry volumes : “Filantropia Hospital” – Panteon Publishing, Piatra Neamt, 1994; “The Vortical Current”, Princeps Multimedia Publishing – Iasi, 2013; “Unreal Homeland”, Călăuza Publishing – Deva, 2016; His lyrics appear in some anthologies: “The Shadow of the Dragon” – the anthology of the Romanian haiku, Haiku Publishing, Bucharest, 1993; “One hundred masts”, Haiku Publishing, Bucharest, 1997; “Moon in the splinters”, Haiku Publishing, Bucharest, 2000; “Knots” – haiku anthology in Southeastern Europe, 1999, Prijatelj Publishing, Tolmin, Slovenia. It’s one of the editors of the journal “Ardealul literar” and member of the Romanian Writers’ Union. Editor of the site”THE POET’S LAND”.
with the milk teeth
of my brief biographies
I bit symbolicly
the realm of gentleness
on plain paper devoured teeth
in a time without space
in an space without season
Lao Tze
contemplates for me
the corpse a word:
“untill nirvana
there is a long and dangerous way
most valuable is the light
of the salt mine “
in a time in which
we have forsaken
the wordy territories
on dead horse
of the fixed formes.
tenderized under saddles
now broken
of hoofs
is just the heart
sometime with the little angel
sometime with poisoned arrows.
“Poetry is like
in large quantities
becomes toxic “
in the inner courtyard
of my block
a dog
is a poem
full of bones
(farewell Ossi di sepia
farewell Montale)
He looks at me
With famished respect
bring him manuscripts
and do not touch
they chose dust
of my feeling
of communion
I was able
to show him
one ossicular one vertebra
a finger
My fingerprint holograph
tattooed skin with stars
a apocryphal text
about The poet
“when he is born
draw it
like a hunk of meat “
when a poem is born
I was born
and I am
the scream.

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