Luan Maloku (Presheva)

Luan Maloku (Presheva)

Member of Board of the International Poetical Galaxy ATUNIS

Luan Maloku was born in 1954 in the village of Miratoc (the municipality of Presheva). He completed primary school in his native country and his high school studies in Presheva and Kamenica. He graduated in Albanian language and literature at the University of Tetova. Interested in writing since primary school, his works have been published in Kosovo and Diaspora magazines. His name appears in Leksikoni i shkrimtarëve shqiptarë (The Leksikon of Albanian writers) by Hasan Hasani (2003); in the first and second volume of Psherëtimë për tokën. Panoramë letrare e krijuesve të Kosovë Juglindore (Sigh for the earth. Literary overview of Kosovo’s Southeastern writers) by Hysen Këqiku (2004); in Pasqyra e shpirtit, Engjëjt e frymëzimit, Jam pjesë e qiellit tënd. Antologji poetike (The mirror of the soul, Angels of inspiration, Being part of your heaven. Anthology of Poetry) edited by Baki Ymeri.

He is member of Shoqata e Shkrimtarëve “Feniks”, Preshevë (The “Phoenix” Writers Association in Presheva); member of Lidhja e Shkrimtarëve të Kosovës (Kosovo Writers Association); member of Atunis Lugina (Atunis Valley) in Presheva; member of the Albanian Writers Club in Switzerland; chairman of Galaktika Poetike “Atunis” (Atunis-Poetry Galaxy) in Switzerland and member of the board of directors.



I do not know where you lost
It is time that I ask, but in vain
Goods my soul flashes 
Burns every day
Waves of sadness will wildly more
My heavens rained
The day will be so hard
When I will be without you
Without your presence, as the sun without light
Without your eye olive color
Thenight maddening me,leep does not come
And burning mornings
I do not want to see any human
I live cllosed alone
Waiting for your retun.



I know the flow of blood through
Breathing, eye deportee
Number of shoes
Smile,groaning spirit
Your opinion…
Bodi as a white angel
All you have perfect
For that i love more, more more
I recognize your tier that stems pages
From happyness
By goods when I turne to you
The longing , tears merge
With your body and soul
Better than me nobudyknow featureless
Every day alike i love
With the same strength and weight
Without youI would not be possible
To be happy and sotisfied
As winged I would be miserable.


Et is not so easy
To say no to the iove
Tu escape without turning head back
From this sweet sin (sour)
And then to afraid from sight
In the statement of broken piece- piece
But your chappe lips
Who will kiss as before
Mornings under the sun and nights with the stars
Then goods will boil under vains
Long months sleepless
And mornings come tired in my eyes
I do notknow what to do with frustration of my soul
And the shivering of my heart
Do not leave me in of my silence
Now neither nilly birthday to celebrate
How much I will mlss you.

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