Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



The sand is gone and my bags are packed, I must be leaving now.
Headed nowhere , my feet burn as I flip the hourglass upside down.

Free as a bird I fly, as the wind whips sweet melodies of silent sound, colorful destinations
circling my thoughts, almost child like, the world is my playground.

Struggle to be freed of old scenery
and ho-hum of everyday life, driving the wrong way down a one way is my kind of wild.

Where will this road lead me, as I throw the blueprints to the wind.
My compass is cracked, but I’ll find my way into the unknown around the bend.



Darkness invade my eyes
wings clipped and bound,
no roots beneath me,
this cocoon my only

Scale the walls of my tiny
abode, weak, a newborn
still in the womb, a diamond
lost in the night sentenced
to life to die in this tomb.

As I gather courage
my senses are sharpened
by sweet whispers of
strength that fill my
ears. Fragrance fill my nose
as I breathe the unknown .
Breaking free , life blinds my
eyes, letting go of fear that
has hovered for so many



Beauty floats the wind, fly freely away , to an unblotched
Airless wings flutter to abandon
the shadows of another life
Unlocking the will to search 
for purities into the unknown
and the courage to engage the
heart to be shown.


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